Beyonce “1 + 1″ Make Love To Me Sexy Music Video Released (Video)

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Beyonce’s new music video “1 + 1″ was released Thursday. She’s wet in the video, sparkly, sexy, and many people are saying the video pushes the limits.

In the video, Beyonce lets the water pour as she sings the lyric “make love to me.” She takes off her clothes, takes a shower, breaths heavily, and there are lots of slow motion scenes with her hair flying. The video is hot, but is it too hot? Some viewers say yes.

Beyonce rubs an ice cube on herself, spends a few seconds blindfolded, cries, gets out of a tub, sings in leopard print lingerie, and is embraced by a faceless man. This video is probably more for the mature viewers, but the hot singer has a lot of little girl fans who will probably end up seeing the video.

Is it too spicy for these younger viewers? One could argue that’s what parents are for, to make sure their children don’t see stars in steamy positions. What’s your opinion? Did Beyonce go too far or is the video perfect? Do parents need to step up and be responsible for what their kids watch, or is it the celebrities responsibility to not make videos like this?

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