Beyonce and Jay-Z on Trial Separation? Is Divorce Coming Next?

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One of entertainment’s most popular husband-wife teams may be headed for divorce.  At least one report is suggesting that power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, are on a “trial separation.”  Is it possible that not all is well for the rap star and his R&B diva wife?

According to, the trial separation is to determine if Jay and Beyonce want to remain together. Apparently gossip suggests that Jay is interested in getting a family started, while Beyonce wants to wait a while.  Knowles is more interested in focusing on her career right now which includes music, movies, and business ventures.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been married since April of 2008 and dated for six years before that.  Most recently, Beyonce was seen in attendance at the 2011 Grammy Awards show without her hubby, raising eyebrows.  Jay-Z won several awards on the non-televised portion of the music awards show.

To add to the speculation here, Jay-Z has recently signed a lease in Los Angeles for a new mansion.  Beyonce is reportedly going to remain in New York.  It’s smart for this couple to have locations on each coast they can use for business and pleasure. However, you have to wonder with all of the women Jay-Z comes into contact with including the gorgeous Rihanna, will he stray away from his wife?

Do you think this trial separation is for real?  Will Jay-Z and Beyonce be headed for divorce?

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