Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter Biologically Her Sister, Solange’s?

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There’s a new rumor about Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter and it involves her younger sister, Solange. Supposedly, Solange is biologically Blue Ivy Carter’s real mother. Yes, this is a shocking allegation that falls in line with all the other unsubstantiated allegations about Bey and her baby.

Beyonce 8X10 Photo - New!! - Wow!!! #04Throughout Bey’s pregnancy, conspiracy theorists were convinced the singer wasn’t really pregnant. A variety of rumors sprouted out about the singer and her belly. Some people believed Bey was wearing a prosthetic belly which changed shape and size often. They also believed she was secretly using a surrogate to carry her child because she didn’t want to ruin her slim figure with pregnancy. When Blue Ivy was born, more theories surfaced that the baby was actually born a few weeks earlier in a separate location.

Now, there’s a new rumor: Beyonce supposedly turned to fertility treatments after unsuccessfully trying for a baby. When the treatments failed, Bey’s sister Solange offered to be her surrogate. However, Beyonce declined the offer but did use Solange’s eggs, “which were fertilized by Jay Z’s sperm in a lab and implanted into the surrogate.”

Needless to say, the mystery of Beyonce and her baby will go down in history next to the mystery of Roswell. Whether or not Blue Ivy Carter was born of Bey’s eggs or not doesn’t matter to the singer. She loves her daughter and that’s all that matters. Conspiracy theorists will always believe what they wish but what do you believe?

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