Beyonce Baby Bump: Bey Is Having ‘The Best Time Of Her Life’

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Beyonce and her baby bump are still making the news. The very pregnant singer is widely expected to give birth tomorrow, but until then she is enjoying her life — baby bump and all!

Being pregnant can change a woman in a lot of ways, mainly for the good, of course. It seems like Bey is really in tune with being pregnant and is loving every minute of it!

In a new interview which aired during a Brazilian New Year’s special, Bey describes her life as a pregnant woman as being the best ever.

“This time in my life is probably one of the most fun [and] confident. I feel so mature and I feel like a woman. I feel sexier than ever and I feel happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I feel all of the struggles and any kind of painful moment or confusing moment that I’ve had in my past to try and search for who I am, it’s all paying off right now,” she said.

Can you blame her? It is always exciting to know that you are helping to create a new child that you will nurture and watch grow up. For Beyonce, the thrill of it all will become even more real when she delivers her child. At that point, she might change her tune and say that that day was the best day of her life!

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