Beyonce Caught by Fashion Police

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Beyonce is once again out and about after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy, and the Fashion Police are thrilled.

In fact, these E! Entertainment style arbiters caught Bey in a fashion trend that also included, of all people, Perez Hilton.

But how can that be?

Both personalities were wearing a popular look for the spring: Printed pants.

While the ones Blue Ivy’s mom wore were very bold, she paired these colorful bottoms created by Stella McCartney with a solid top. And then, to be sure she conveyed the right sentiment (happiness) with this outfit, she finished it off with a pair of screaming yellow heels.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton also wore a pair of printed pants with a matching jacket to the NewNowNext awards and was called out for looking just fine. But, then again, the gossip and entertainment writer has just lost 80 pounds, so he would probably look good in anything.

And so, as Beyonce and Perez were on show for a new trend, they were caught by the Fashion Police in their segment called “Gotta Have It, Make It Stop.”

And all the TV show fashion judges agreed: Kelly, George, Joan and Giuliani think this trend in on track, saying they “gotta have it” for the warm days ahead. Do you agree?

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