Beyonce compares Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till

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Is the death of Trayvon Martin comparable to the slaying of Emmett Hill in 1955? Whether it is or not, Beyonce wants you to protest the Fla. jury’s acquittal of George Zimmerman the way the generation prior fought for Emmett Hill. The musical power couple’s appearance only helped in making the protest in Manhattan expand, which is a positive thing if you’re among those who want justice for Trayvon.

File:Emmett Till.jpgEmmett Till was an African-American teen who was murdered at the age of 14 after flirting with a white woman. He was beaten mercilessly and one of his eyes were gouged out before he was ultimately shot in the head. He was then tossed into a river, only to be retrieved days later. His death has been a horrific memory in history to the African-American community, a reminder of the brutality experienced in the racist south not that long ago.

Here it is nearly 60 years later, and Trayvon Martin is dead—and a six-person-jury of mainly white women have decided that the unarmed teen was a threat to George Zimmerman, who gunned him down after the teen purchased tea and Skittles for him and his little brother. He was followed in the night by a man who should have never been following him, and ultimately he ended up dead and unable to share his side of what happened that night. To the deep southern state of Fla., this is justice. But to the rationally minded, this is not justice, not by a long shot. Emmett Till never got justice, either. His killer lived a long and productive life and periodically resurfaced in the media to make insulting comments about the boy he killed. He never served a day for the murders, and it’s hopeful that this is not repeated.

Will the Department of Justice find a way to force justice for Trayvon Martin?

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