Beyonce Dissed for Sporting Unsightly Facial Hair at U.N.

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Beyonce has been dissed online for sporting facial hair. A close examination of a photo of the “Single Ladies” singer shows some fuzz just above her upper lip. Oops. Is this, as has been suggested, the result of post-pregnancy hormonal changes? Or just bad personal grooming?

Apparently, the folks at Media Take Out have too much time on their hands. After closely scrutinizing an enlargement of a photo of Bey’s face, they came to the conclusion that she’s “got a FULL MUSTACHE!!!” The photo of the reportedly hirsute songstress was snapped by a “special high-definition camera” when she recently gave a speech at the United Nations. The up close and personal pic does show a sparse but clearly visible growth of facial hair on both sides of the area above her upper lip. While it is not, as MTO rather heartlessly described it, “a bigger mustache than Jay,” it is definitely there. Or not. Some fans have suggested that the pic may have been photoshopped.

That’s a possibility of course. It is after all, hard to believe that a woman whose personal grooming is usually meticulous would neglect to wax her upper lip. On the other hand, that’s an odd thing to photo shop. A wardrobe malfunction would have made hotter headlines.

Oh well, you can click here to see the offending photo. What do you think? Is it phony? Or does Beyonce have some ‘splainin’ to do?

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