Beyonce fails to catch Jay Z’s attention in a miniskirt and Stillettos; Is Jay Z tired of Beyonce already?

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Jay Z and Beyonce seemed to be a happy couple at first but by the looks of these photos, he’s not too happy. In each photo he fails to show affection or make contact with Beyonce. He is walking way up ahead of her and he even leaves her behind. He seems more interested in talking on the phone than talking to Beyonce.

Some of the photos even show him looking away, right past her and looking annoyed. Why? Beyonce is beautiful!

She looks pretty plain at first but then she goes to change into a colorful minidress yet she still fails to catch his attention.

Oh, well. He might just be irritated that the paparazzi are snapping photos while they’re trying to have a relaxing boat ride.

Check out all of the photos of the two on a boat trip below!

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