Beyonce Fake Baby Bump Rumors Continue After Katie Couric Interview (Video)

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Beyonce tried to put the fake baby bump rumors to rest during her interview with Katie Couric on 20/20, but according to one website, her appearance might provide further evidence that her bump isn’t the real deal.

MediaTakeOut just can’t let go of their crazy story about Bey’s baby bump being fake. The rumors started right after the VMAs, and they got worse thanks to an interview where Bey’s bump appeared to fold in a strange way when she sat down in a chair. The singer shot the silly rumors down during her 20/20 interview, and she even told Katie Couric that they don’t have any affect on her at all.

However, now MTO is insinuating that Beyonce’s interview with Katie actually offers more proof that she’s rocking a prosthetic bump.

During one point in the interview, Katie tries to put her hand on Bey’s belly. However, the star guides it to a different part of her belly, which MTO calls a “safe spot.” The incident can be seen in the video below at the 58 second mark.

So was Bey really trying to move Katie’s hand away from a squishy piece of foam? She doesn’t move her hand very far at all, so even if she was wearing a fake bump, Katie would have felt it. It’s more likely that something else is going on here – Katie probably just surprised the singer and made her feel a little uncomfortable by touching her belly. After all, Katie doesn’t ask if it was okay for her to touch it until she already has, and Bey tells her that not many people rub her belly without asking.

Think of it this way – if she wasn’t pregnant, wouldn’t Beyonce be uncomfortable if Katie immediately rubbed her belly at the beginning of their interview? Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean that grabbing her body without asking first is okay, and it’s just not normal or professional for a news host to rub a celebrity’s stomach. However, Katie probably thought there was nothing wrong with it since Bey is pregnant. This is an awkward problem that many pregnant women probably encounter – the people around them just really want to touch their baby bumps.

Plus it also looks like MTO might have misread Beyonce’s movement in the video – it appears like she’s actually guiding Katie’s hand over her bump in a rubbing motion, not trying to move it to a “safe spot.”

You can check out their encounter below and sound off on what you think is going on.

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