Beyonce Knowles Post-Baby Interview a Fake

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Beyoncé Knowles has not given any magazine an interview since she had her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. The internet was swarming with tidbits of an exclusive interview with the new mom after Star Magazine UK claimed to have actually spoken with Beyoncé. First of all, if Beyoncé is going to give an interview, it is not going to be with a tabloid. Just saying.

Beyoncé’s rep has revealed the whole “exclusive interview” is total hogwash. It never happened. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are probably pretty busy doting over their new baby and are certainly not going to be dishing about their personal life with a tabloid. These guys go to great extremes to keep their personal life private. However, most of the quotes that have been bandied about the internet in hundreds of different articles and blogs are accurate. They were taken from various other interviews. So, it is not like the stuff you read was all made up. The fake part was the timing of the interview.

Star UK insists they bought a recorded interview from a journalist. They do admit part of it was recorded before Beyoncé gave birth. A spokesperson for the tabloid spoke with Access Hollywood and said, “It is not made up or fictitious at all.” If and when Beyoncé decides to share her story with the world, it will most likely be to a reputable magazine. People magazine tends to be the favorite among celebrities. Until then, be careful what you read.

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