Beyonce Pregnant 2011: How Jay-Z & B Kept Secret Before it Was Confirmed

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The latest Beyonce pregnant 2011 news reveals how the singer and Jay-Z kept the pregnancy a big secret from the world. The couple confirmed the news to the world at the 2011 MTV VMA’s, but how did they keep the baby news under wraps?

The Beyonce pregnancy video made for a highly-talked about moment from this year’s Video Music Awards, and one that was less controversial, more exciting and joyous. Many people continue to wonder how long Beyonce has been pregnant for exactly. According to, it’s speculated that she’s been pregnant for as long as four months now. Keeping baby news a secret is a tough gig for one of the most famous couples in the world. So how did Beyonce and Jay-Z do it?

The Australian news site notes that a stylist from The Beauty Tutor says Beyonce kept her baby bump secret with “strategic styling.” This includes a special dress she wore which had a silver flap over her tummy, drawing attention away from the bump. Other ways the singer has drawn attention from that area include big jewelry and accessories.

It’s also noted that because Jay-Z and Beyonce have so much money, they have a lot of means of hiding something like this at their disposal. That would include private jets, convoys of cars, and hotels with multiple exits aka “escape routes.” All of these will make it tough for paparazzi to snap photos of the couple and reveal a baby bump early.

It’s great that the couple kept Beyonce’s pregnant tummy under wraps for so long. They’ve always been rather private about their relationship, and the big moment when it was confirmed at MTV Video Music Awards made it extra special. For all the world knows, MTV may have pitched in to help keep the secret until their show. They love the attention, and knew this couple didn’t want attention about it for months. Smart planning on the parts of everyone!

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