Beyonce Pregnant 2011: Jay-Z and B News Confirmed on Twitter Sets Record

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Tweets of Beyonce pregnant in 2011 set a nice record for Twitter the other night as fans were buzzing about the news of Jay-Z and Miss Knowles expecting child number one. Those watching the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards saw Beyonce rub the baby bump after a performance and took to Twitter afterwords to spread the news.

The Beyonce pregnant video from MTV’s VMA show has become a big hit, with fans watching her on stage performance followed by her announcement through actions rather than words. Fans took to Twitter after learning of it, and they started tweeting at a rapid fire pace. According to ABC News, it set a new record for the social media site Twitter when tweets started pouring in. They say that just after 10:30PM EST, the site was receiving a new record of 8,868 tweets per second, noting Beyonce’s baby bump “gave Twitter a bump of its own.”

ABC News speculates that maybe the news of Beyonce and Jay-Z was being reported more heavily because people were getting electricity restored after Irene. It’s also possible that millions were thrilled to see these two finally announced what many fans had been waiting for. There had been rumors that the couple were having a child months ago, and also nasty rumors of an impending separation. Put those to rest for now as they are expecting a bundle of joy.

Beyonce is currently 29 years old, while Jay-Z is 41. It will be the first child for both the R&B singer and the rap star, recently named the top earning celebrity couple above duos like Brad Pitt and Angelina. Sure, they’ve got their share of haters, but also their many adoring fans. It’s only natural that they’d want to tweet the good news, whether it’s congratulations or other notes. Many people wanted to feel as if they were the first of those helping to make the Beyonce pregnancy news official. With that said, neither Jay-Z nor Beyonce really use Twitter as much as other celebs, but it’s likely they are still feeling the love!

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