Beyonce Pregnant 2011: Jay-Z Confirmed it’s a Boy in Song With Kanye West?

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Beyonce pregnant 2011 headlines have been burning up the internet as she confirmed the news she and Jay-Z are expecting their first child. Did her rap star husband already predict the sex of the baby in a recent song?

As the Beyonce pregnancy video plays on, the story develops about what the gender of her and Jay-Z’s first child will be. A song from the album “Watch The Throne” by Jay and Kanye West may offer a glimpse of the future. On their album is a track called “New Day” in which both rap stars deliver clever verses to their future sons. Jay-Z notes in his verse “Sorry junior, I already ruined ya, ‘Cause you ain’t even alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya.” Jay goes on to discuss all the father-son bonding he wants to do, that he missed out on because of his own dad not being around for his childhood. It’s a very deep and insightful look by the rap star into the life he wants his son (or daughter) to have with him.

It’s certainly a new day for Beyonce and Jay-Z after their wonderful news was learned last night. Jay-Z’s rap song was recorded weeks ahead of Beyonce confirming she was pregnant at last night’s 2011 MTV Video Music awards. Was it possible that Jay-Z already knew of the news when he created his verse? The rapper is well-known for recording verses in his head and then spitting them out in the studio. It’s quite possible this song was one of the last that he and Kanye West put together for the album. It certainly leads one to wonder if Jay-Z will be a proud father of a bouncing baby boy though!

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