Beyonce pregnant confirmed by MediaTakeOut – inaccurate news reports of Jay-Z in 2009 & 2010

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The gossip site is under fire after posting what seems to be an uncomfirmed report that singer Beyonce is pregnant.  In the latest news update on this story, website has noted that a source close to Beyonce reports she is not pregnant.  So the Beyonce pregnant news was confirmed by MediaTakeOut, but appears to be completely false.

Apparently, MediaTakeOut has dished out dishonest dirt in the past regarding Jay-Z’s sexual experiences.  Back in 2009 they reported allegations made by Jay’s friend and rap acquaintance Jaz O that alleged Jay-Z was once involved in homosexual acts.  GossipCop called out “MediaFakeOut” on that story as well as the latest Beyonce pregnancy report.

So was the news of Beyonce pregnant confirmed by anyone important?  It doesn’t appear to have been at this point.  MediaTakeOut was really the only site delivering that news, and at this time it appears they were completely wrong.  Other sites and news rehashing blogs were guilty of jumping on the bandwagon too.  Beyonce does not appear to be pregnant as of March 2010, so Jay-Z is not a new father.  Read more about the Beyonce pregnant 2010 news story at GossipCop.

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