Beyoncé Pregnant in Time for Her 30th B-day — Just as She Predicted!

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Beyoncé is pregnant and a birthday girl! The singer-turned-actress turned 30 years old today! What better gift for the woman that has everything than a baby on the way!

Ironically, Beyoncé predicted her pregnancy when she spoke to Piers Morgan back in June. She said, “I always said I’d be pregnant at 30!” Most likely she already knew she was expecting as she is assumed to be four months along now. She spoke to Piers in June… so do the math. She definitely knew she was pregnant!

In her 30 years on earth, Beyoncé has accomplished so much more than she probably ever imagined. She’s conquered all corners of the globe with her music and movies and has become a fashion designer, had her own perfume, and married one of the richest rappers out there. She’s got it all, and she’s sure worked hard for it! Now that she is expecting, hopefully Beyoncé will take some time to enjoy life with her baby once he or she is born!

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