Beyonce Pregnant: Jay-Z Plays The Doting Dad

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Beyonce is pregnant — no secret there anymore — thanks to her baby bump début at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. But what the audience and viewers may not have seen was her husband, Jay-Z, playing the ultimate father-to-be during the couple’s adorable backstage moments.

Us Weekly got the behind-the-scenes scoop from an eyewitness who confirmed, “Jay was doting on her the whole time… He was really taking care of her, asking her how she feels and helping her walk. It was so sweet to see him like that.”

Indeed, the music mogul puts up a tough rap star exterior at times, but it looks like even Jay-Z has a softer side, which his wife’s pregnancy is no doubt bringing to the fore. Of course, he still finds his Grammy-winning songstress plenty sultry, and he didn’t have any problem making that known to everyone at the VMAs backstage, yelling, “Mmm hmmm, Who’s that sexy lady walking down here?”

Can’t take the hip-hop edge out of this rapper!

File:Beyonce 2008.jpgIt wasn’t only Jay-Z showering attention on Beyonce, though. Her mom, Tina Knowles, was “getting her everything she needed,” too. The insider even revealed that the pregnant singer had attention coming in from plenty of other celeb friends, such as the hardcore Kanye West who “looked like a proud uncle.” Quite a different persona than that which manifested itself during his and Jay-Z’s onstage rap performance during the VMAs.

Even Jo Calderone himself, ahem, Lady Gaga herself paid a special visit (or three, or five!) to Beyonce’s dressing room where she stopped by frequently to rub her belly.

And, all those baby bump rubs must have brought Beyonce and Gaga good luck, as they both rocked out their respective performances during the show. They certainly created epic moments (and plenty of Twitter chatter and hashtags galore) at this year’s VMAs. Jo Calderone and a pregnant Beyonce: What a match!

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