Beyonce Skips Makeup for Night Out: Still Most Beautiful?

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Beyonce was just crowned People magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, and it’s difficult to disagree. The new mom is not only striking (as is her magazine cover!), but also a multitalented singer, actress and dancer, not to mention a mogul with her own fragrance line and the list goes on. But now she also has quite the lovely family, too, with daughter Blue Ivy Carter and husband, Jay-Z. Perhaps what makes her even more gorgeous is her inner confidence that truly translates to outer attractiveness. She showed off that self-assurance, too, when she recently went out au naturel, without hardly a swipe of makeup, for a dinner on the town in New York with her hubby and some celebrity friends: Jake Gyllenhaal and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Fellow songstress Rihanna may have lately tweeted her own makeup-free portrait, but while her intentions may have been muddied (trying to woo Chris Brown?!), Bey’s decision to skip the mascara was completely pure. The mama freely admits that she rarely leaves the house with more than lip gloss on and has even been cutting her own hair–two inches, at that, as Daily Mail reports.

While many stars may slick on the heavy cosmetics for the paparazzi cameras, it’s so refreshing to see big names such as Beyonce throwing caution to the wind and showing their real faces to the world. Even Bey’s new “most beautiful” title (not to mention dinner with Gyllenhaal and SJP!) didn’t affect her decision to “pretty up” in public.

Not that Beyonce wasn’t completely stunning sans any makeup enhancements or a hair salon blow-out. While she’s already given birth, she still is positively glowing. The entertainer revealed as much, too, saying, “I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.” And, that really is a beautiful thing!

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