Beyonce, Taylor Swift: War of the specials

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Last night as Thanksgiving dinner was being digested, Beyonce and Taylor Swift both graced the small screen as the war of the specials took place.

Beyonce, on ABC, introduced her world to the viewers while on NBC, Taylor Swift was doing the same thing the hour before.

Both singers showed raw talent and their extensive range of expertise, but Beyonce was by far a more interesting artist for the casual viewer. Her often wild, always cutting edge costumes and her daring spirit (a louge ride at the Great Wall of China was definitely an epic high for this songstress as was a bout of crowd surfing during one of her shows) inspired.

Most enchanting was the extensive concert footage, which showed how much Beyonce connects with her audience — and on a level where she seems thrilled with the way she draws everyone in. In contrast, Swift seems more complacent, happy to be doing what she’s doing but not quite jumping into the souls of this audience of one. She is much more low key, creeping there as she concentrates on quality.

Who do you think won the Beyonce, Taylor Swift war of the specials? Please weigh in.

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