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So I posted earlier that Beyonce’s video for “Video Phone” made its debut yesterday.  I was greatly mistaken.  I went on YouTube because I heard it was coming out and found the video below.  However, it is not the video to my MAJOR MAJOR mistake.  I am so sorry about this, I feel so dumb and badly that I gave wrong information.  Here is the post I put up yesterday…comment on it as you will, I can handle hearing how stupid my mistake was.

The video was supposed to air Thursday, November 5th at 5:30 PM, however, the time came and went and no video was shown.  Apparently the premiere of “Video Phone” will debut later in November.  It better be really good if we are going to have to wait again!


The Old Post:

Today was the premiere of Beyonce’s new single “Video Phone” featuring Lady GaGa.  Now in my opinion nothing can top “Single Ladies,” however, this “Video Phone” music video turns it out–not in the same way, but Beyonce does not disappoint.  She loves her dance moves and so do I.  This video might be easier to learn the dance than “Single Ladies.”  I wish Lady GaGa was in “Video Phone,” maybe they’ll do a remake.

What do you think? Does Beyonce turn it out yet again, or do you think she missed the beat?

Watch the premiere of “Video Phone” here:


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