Beyonce’s Husband Jay Z Cheating with Ashanti?

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Rumor has it that Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z was spotted enjoying a hot flirtation at a party with R&B singer Ashanti, and that the two were behaving like “they were together.” Yikes. Is Jay-Z cheating on Bey?

It all started at a party for the relaunching of Jay Z’s 40-40 club. The Manhattan night spot was filled with celebrities. Unfortunately, Ashanti was among them. And she reportedly had a great time flirting with the man of the hour—Beyoncé’s husband and new baby daddy, Jay Z.

“It was embarrassing,” reveals an insider who happens to be a “snitch” for MediaTakeOut. “[Jay z] was there mingling with people and Ashanti was standing right there like they were together. [Jay] was loving it though, he was all smiles . . . I don’t think I ever saw him smile that much and that hard.”

So what’s wrong with that? Maybe Jay-Z and Ashanti were just enjoying the party. It’s possible.

Possible, yes. But not probable considering the fact that Ashanti is famous, or rather infamous for “sleeping with married men…ask Irv Gotti’s wife.” And it gets worse.

Jay-Z and Ashanti were later spotted at a party at another popular New York club, 1Oak.

“She was sitting at [Jay Zs] table,” tattles the snitch, “laughing at everything he said and he was the same with her. I wanted to go over there and check that [chick] for Beyoncé.”

Looks like Jay-Z might have some ‘splainin’ to do. Especially when his wife finds out that he and Ashanti are negotiating to work on a track together1a project which would no doubt necessitate lots of late nights in the studio.

Poor Beyoncé. After the gossip about her possibly fake pregnancy, and accusations that she lightened her skin in promo pics for her new album 4, the Single Ladies singer may have a new drama to contend with.

Oh well, best of luck to her.

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