'Biden' His Time, Coming Soon To A Comedy Club Near You

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Joe Biden seems like a decent enough guy. Always pleasant, at least when I've seen him on the tube. The first things that come to mind, however, are: plagiarism or allegations thereof, pandering such as when he was in South Carolina, I believe it was, and trying to cozy up to the Bubbas by commiserating with them about how Delaware was once a slave state. I did not know that, but it seems a strange way to run for President. Seems a 'Lott' like a certain Senator from Miss'sippi, if you know what I mean.

Now, Biden steps in you-know-what once again with the comments concerning Barack Obama. The use of the word "clean" seems especially curious. I know Obama's initials are B.O., but come on! Say it ain't so, Joe! I don't think Biden is a racist per se, but he can't seem to open his mouth without inserting foot. He is a longshot at best in the Presidential race, unless it's President of the Hair Club For Men. Sorry, I just had to get that in. I seem to remember Biden having  hair transplants a few years back.

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