Justin Bieber URL Shortener Shut Down

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The freshly launched URL shortener was shut down on Thursday. The website, which survived a full 24 hours before its demise, offered a chance for users to shorten website addresses and see a photo of Justin Bieber on the website the newly shortened address directed to.

Unfortunately, the quirky website is no more. Now, in the place where Bieber’s face once stood, is the message, “Aww, it was fun while it lasted!”

Images of the creators of the now defunct website are also on the page, with links to their respective Twitter accounts. A caption above the photos declares, “These people are REALLY ashamed to admit they made this page.”

One of the creators of Bieber-based URL shortening site, Elliott Kember, posted this farewell notice on Twitter on Thursday:

“I’m sad to announce that has been shut down. On a more positive note – my first Cease And Desist notice! Printing and framing.”

Another of the siteÂ’s designers, Hector Simpson, posted this tweet in reply to a user who was wondering where the site went:

“I can neither confirm nor deny that we may or may not have, but did, or maybe didn’t, get a legal notice.”

Phil Sturgeon posted the following tweet in response to another Twitter user, @jakeencinas, who told the developers of the site, “I want my back…NOW!”

“You’ll have to ask permission from ‘His Biebiness’ for that to happen.”

So, it seems that the legalities of using the name and likeness of “His Biebiness” caught up with the fine folks at How sad.

If Justin Bieber is that concerned about his image and likeness, perhaps he should consider going after his nearly 7 million Twitter followers who have his picture plastered all over their Twitter accounts.

Of course, Bieber wonÂ’t really go after his fans. After all, they are the reason he has 3% of TwitterÂ’s servers dedicated to his Tweet-i-ness.

No, “His Biebiness” and his royal handlers are going after the website. It only makes sense, though. Justin can’t have such a website detracting from more important Bieber-related matters, like his current Twitter debate over whether fresh socks are superior to fresh sheets.

Weigh in. Do you think BieberÂ’s people were right in sending the folks at a cease and desist letter? Or, do you think they should have let it go in the name of fun?

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