‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Roommate Shuffling on ‘Spoiler Alert Segmentation’

Big Bang Theory “Spoiler Alert Segmentation” all starts with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) spoiling book six of the Harry Potter series for Leonard (Johnny Galecki). “If I did that, you’d throw a fit about it for weeks!” Leonard insists, just before he tosses the roommate agreement into the trash. Sheldon may think that Leonard is just throwing a hysterical fit — because all his soy consumption has estrogen mimicking effects — but that doesn’t stop Leonard from declaring he’s moving out.

What’s up with Raj and Howard’s mom?
While Leonard and Sheldon’s relationship as roommates is taking a big turn, so is Raj’s (Kunal Nayyar) relationship with Howard’s mom. That’s because Howard (Simon Helberg) is away in Las Vegas with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) — she’s being rewarded for rebranding a dandruff medicine as a constipation cure — and so he asks Raj for a favor: spend some time with his lonely mom on a Saturday night.

Even though Mrs. Wolowitz calls Raj a “tall glass of brown water,” their dinner together doesn’t have many sexual innuendos. Rather, she’s replacing Howard with Raj, convincing Raj to stick around for dessert by crying. “Don’t mind me, I only cry when I’m lonely and have nothing to live for,” she says.

And then the next morning, Raj wakes up in Howard’s bed. His clothes are missing, as are his keys (and Mrs. Wolowitz’s bra is jingling). Howard knows what’s going on: food and guilt will keep him there for the rest of his life, just like it nearly did for Howard. “It’s too late,” Howard says. “We’ll see him at his bar mitzvah.” Raj does try to escape though by climbing out the window. Too bad, Mrs. Wolowitz catches him, says “where ya going,” and pulls him back in — the first glimpse fans have ever gotten of the infamous voice.

Will Leonard really move out?
So if Leonard is moving out of Sheldon’s, where will he go? Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco), of course. To that idea, Penny says, “how’s he going to get by without you?” And then she uses a Harry Potter example, and spoils yet something else for her boyfriend. Leonard isn’t getting the hint that Penny isn’t quite ready to live together on Big Bang Theory “Spoiler Alert Segementation.”

Does Penny have one good reason why they shouldn’t move in? “I got nothing,” she says. So, right before Leonard goes to get his stuff, he asks for a shelf in the bathroom for all his medicine. “Oh please let some of it be Xanax,” Penny says.

Meanwhile, Amy (Mayim Bialik) is helping Sheldon document all of Leonard’s things. In her mind, collection edition toys are just “children’s toys.” But, while all this list making is going on, Amy has a question for Sheldon: what’s his plan?

Sheldon needs to cultivate a new roommate, and that includes teaching him a bathroom routine. But Amy, naturally, has a solution already: Sheldon should move in with a scientist who is already familiar with his ways. “Here I am,” Amy declares! After all, she’s intellectually compatible, willing to drive him around, and his quirks don’t bother her.

“Tell me one reason why this isn’t a fantastic idea?!” Amy says, and all Sheldon can say is: “Um…”

Just like that Sheldon “forgives” Leonard and asks for him to return. Penny overhears this conversation, and agrees with everything Sheldon says: he’s just not ready for that level of intimacy with Amy. And Penny says they’re moving at a pace he’s not comfortable with.

Sheldon’s problem is that Amy made logical arguments he couldn’t refuse. To that, Leonard simply says, “Spoiler alert: this door is about to slam in your face.”

Of course, Sheldon and Penny then band together, and they decide to tell the truth to their significant others, despite the fact that Leonard is sensitive and emotional. As Sheldon says, he drinks too much soy milk.

And what will Amy do? Well, when she suggests a joint outgoing voice message, including the line “Cuz we out dropping science son,” Sheldon says, “you can’t live here.” Finally, and perfectly, Amy flips, saying that she’s done everything Sheldon has ever wanted. She’s even stopped wearing lip gloss, because he thought it looked too slippery.

So what is Sheldon’s one reason they can’t live together? “It’s Penny’s fault… she’s the snake in our garden. She’s the reason we can’t be happy.”

That’s when the real throwdown happens in the hallway between both couples, but it isn’t nearly as fun as Amy’s initial breakdown. Still, Amy tells Sheldon, “You’re a coward.” Sheldon agrees: “Well, evidence does support that.”

When Amy storms off into Penny’s apartment, claiming she should move in with Penny, Leonard and Sheldon forget everything that happened and decide to watch Walking Dead. But of course that doesn’t happen until Sheldon mentions one last spoiler.

Big Bang Theory airs on CBS Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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