‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Ladies on Egg Salad Equivalency

On Big Bang Theory, it’s rare that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) makes any sort of impact on Leonard’s personal life, but that changes—in a big and hilarious way—on “Egg Salad Equivalency.”

It all starts when Sheldon and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) are playing Giant Jenga, which is much better than Tiny Twister because of the threat of being crushed by Leonard. But when Sheldon’s assistant Alex (Margo Harshman) stops by to pick up Sheldon’s late-night recordings, or “Sheldon After Dark,” and she invites Leonard to dinner, Leonard loses the game, shocked at the flirtation.

The next day at lunch, Leonard shares that Alex hit on him. Not everyone is thrilled. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) both hates and wants to be him: “It’s Ryan Gosling all over again.” And Sheldon doesn’t think it’s acceptable that Alex is distracted by Leonard’s pasty androgynous brand of sexuality. On the other hand, Leonard kind of likes it that a girl is hitting on him, even though Alex knows he’s dating Penny (Kaley Cuoco).

Sheldon thinks he has the biggest problem, and so he turns to the people who give him the best advice: Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Amy (Mayim Bialik), and Penny, hereby referred to as “Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Ladies.” Since it is a delicate workplace situation, Sheldon changes the names. But when he talks about a short bespectacled colleague and a shadow of a roommate named Ricardo Shillyshally, everyone knows it’s Leonard.

And when Sheldon talks about inappropriate workplace flirtations, Penny just has one question: “What the hell is going on with Leonard and Alex?”

That’s not important to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory “Egg Salad Equivalency.” Because, of course, he’s concerned with the boss, Dr. Isaac Van Brainstorm. But Penny wants to kill Alex, and she just might use Amy’s lab full of cocaine-addicted monkeys, and that prompts Sheldon to say, “We’re here to talk about me. I mean, Dr. Isaac!”

Things only get worse when Sheldon tells Penny that Leonard liked the flirtation and that he’s strutting around like he’s five foot six. And when Bernadette’s advice is to talk to Alex, Sheldon asks the girls to return their “Sheldon’s Cooper’s Council of Ladies” t-shirts.

Still, Sheldon takes the advice and talks to Alex. Or, as he puts it, “Let’s call it an opportunity to solve a serious problem.” He tells her that her ovaries are squirting so much goofy juice into his brain, and that she’s a slave to her desire to reproduce. But she can repress that desire by leafing through an illustrated book of STDs. Alex runs away, naturally.

Then, in the world of Penny and Leonard, Penny ain’t happy, especially when her boyfriend declares he’s having a good day, and not just because, after four tries, he got Captain Kirk on a Star Trek character quiz. “Don’t play dumb with me Ricardo Shillyshally!” Penny yells.

“I’m missing something,” Leonard declares, and then realizes he has Sheldon to blame. He doesn’t care that Sheldon thought that Leonard couldn’t give advice about women—since he can’t tell the difference between a uterus and unicycle. But Sheldon does, finally, learn that he shouldn’t have blabbed to Leonard’s girlfriend.

Sheldon is about to learn some more though, when he’s called into HR by Mrs. Davis (Regina King). He doesn’t know why though; “I’m a delight!” he says. Plus, there’s nothing to complain about, between his string cheese in his mini fridge, Alex’s front seat to history, and the fact that he led her away from a life of promiscuity.

But, he did refer to Alex as an egg salad sandwich and said that “All women are slaves to their biological urges. Even you, you’re a slave.” Nope, that doesn’t help. But it does help when he throws his friends under the bus, claiming that Leonard is always bragging about his desirability, Howard (Simon Helberg) built a sex robot, and Raj referred to Mrs. Davis as “brown sugar.” “In his defense,” Sheldon says, “he isn’t racist. He’s also brown.”

Back in the world of Penny and Leonard, Leonard is forgiven after playing a cello and singing “I’m sorry Alex hit on me. I had no idea I’m cute.” Penny also admits to feeling insecure, something new in their relationship.

Then, everyone gets called into the principal’s office. While waiting for Mrs. Davis, Raj pours alcohol into his coffee. “Seek professional help,” Howard advises. But alas, there’s no time. Leonard tells Mrs. Davis it’s all a misunderstanding. Raj throws Howard under the bus, saying the sex robot had six breasts. Even Sheldon shows up, claiming he wants to file a complaint against Mrs. Davis.

So what’s the result of all this? Sheldon apologizes to Alex, and then tells her to take his online sexual harassment seminar. His time is too valuable to waste on things like that.

As for Penny and Leonard, they just might be stronger than ever. She did something about her insecurity and looked up science courses at school. But when those looked boring, she just decided to look smart and got glasses. So when she lowers her glasses and whispers, “molecules,” Leonard takes her to the bedroom.

Big Bang Theory airs on CBS Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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