Big Bang Theory Renewed: Three More Season Ahead!

Big Bang Theory has been renewed by CBS! Apparently, the hit comedy will continue on entertaining the masses for at least another three seasons a.k.a. three years. The new deal will ensure that the Big Bang Theory will continue on until the 2013-14 TV season.

CBS made a gamble when it took the show from its slower Monday slot to a Thursday night slot but the ratings showed that the move was the right one. Big Bang Theory was able to bring in over 13 million viewers on Thursdays. Its rating is among the 18-to-49 demographic was at 4.7. Yeah, CBS has found itself a winner!

So, now that Big Bang Theory has been renewed, whatÂ’s next? Well, there will most likely be negotiations from the actors for a higher salary and, truth be told, they should be given a pay raise! If not for Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar, there would not be a show!


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