“Big Brother 12” August 8th, Live Blog

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Tonight a new episode of “Big Brother 12” will air on CBS at 8 pm! Come and join us as we live blog and chat about tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 12”. Let’s first recap the last episode, which was the live eviction last Thursday night.

Thursday Night’s Eviction

On the last episode of “Big Brother 12”, Kristen was evicted from the house. Rachel placed both Kristen and Hayden on the block after their secret show-mance was revealed by Andrew. Britney won the PoV last week, but she didn’t use it, fearing that Rachel would put Lane on the block as a replacement nominee.

Head of Household Competition

When we last left the House Guests, they were clinging on to a giant, revolving paint can. Julie informed the House Guests that the first person to fall would be the only “have-not” for the week. The contestant to stay on the paint can the longest would become this week’s HoH.

Pandora’s Box

Julie Chen also made mention that this week’s HoH will be tempted by Pandora’s Box. If the HoH chooses to open the box, it will unleash a new saboteur into the house. Julie announced that Ragan was chosen by America to be the next Saboteur.

We’re in for an exciting night! Join in as we live blog tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 12”! Scroll down to the comment section below to join in the conversation!

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