Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Spoiler – Who Wins PoV and Who’s Hiding In Pandora’s Box

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The alliances in Big Brother 12 are more muddier than ever this week. Brendon losing Rachel has caused him to  become much more focused on winning, as he doesn’t have anything else to take his attention away. Everyone is promising everyone in the house safety and an alliance, but it’s hard to tell which ones are going to hold up. Everyone talked about getting Brendon out, but they also talked about getting Matt out. At the risk of sounding like Chris Harrison, it was bound to be the most dramatic Veto competition ever.

When the Live Feeds Spoilers come back after the veto competition, Brendon is the surprising winner, certainly making those he’s aligned with happy, as they’ll get what they wanted and get Matt on the block, but not making those that really wanted Brendon out of the house very happy at all.

Along with wearing the veto necklace, Brendon is also wearing no hair. It seems it was a competition where some get punishments and some prizes, where no one knows what prizes are won by whom. Additionally, he’ll have to be chained to Britney for 24 hours. Enzo had his clothes donated to charity and has to wear a penguin costume, leaving Brendon and Hayden to offer to share their clothing. Lane won a phone call and wants to tell Britney so she isn’t mad at him. Hayden grabbed $5000 and a Hawaiian vacation, but everyone assumes it was Matt. The guys complain about Matt not even trying, saying it was mostly just Brendon and Enzo really trying. They see Matt as too cocky and figure he thinks he has the game won already. They try to figure out how to get Britney to put up Matt, and Brendon wants to promise her he won’t put her up for one week in exchange.

Britney makes him and Matt leave the HoH so she can talk to Lane. She starts crying, saying they had the plan to get Brendon out, and the others had the plan to get Matt out, and it leaves her out there, knowing Brendon will come after her. She tells Lane he doesn’t understand, as Brendon doesn’t come after him. He has fun with Brendon, she doesn’t. She feels used that no one even tried to get him out of the competition. She figures she may as well go home, as she can’t win with no votes in the jury house.

She didn’t even win anything in the comp and Matt swore on his wife’s life he didn’t either. She can’t even play in the next HoH. Lane tries to convince her she’s safer than she thinks, but knows she’s too upset to listen. He asks why Brendon chose to be handcuffed to her, and they think it’s so he can get in her ear to put Matt up. She tells Lane she’s so sick of Brendon being here, she just wants him to break his legs or something. She’s not happy that Matt won the $5,000 and Hawaii trip, not knowing the truth.

Ragan and Matt know that if either of them go up against Enzo, they’d go home.? Ragan knows he sounds like a conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t think there was a way that Brendon could have been beaten. ??Hayden thinks everything about this season is fishy and happens to conveniently, such as the way names are drawn. Ragan thinks the same thing and that Big Brother set it up for Brendon to win. Hayden gets out the clippers and cleans up the shaved look on Brendon.

Britney tells Enzo and Hayden she’s pissed off about the competition. Enzo tries to convince her that Matt won the prizes and is lying about it. They realize Matt thinks he’s safe. Enzo mentions Brendon would be happy to make a deal to get Matt put up and out, leaving Ragan as the only person Britney needs to worry about, and everyone will be against him next week.

Britney opens Pandora’s Box, then comes out saying she was locked in there with Jesse from last season. While she was in there, the other houseguests had a party with food and hula girls. She says all Jesse did was talk about himself. He also made fun of her. She could watch the others on the TV, but he was making her work out, doing jumping jacks and stuff. She got him back teasing about Russell being bigger than him. She had figured the past houseguest would be Jerry or Evil Dick.

Britney and Brendon get their handcuffs on and now she’ll have to another of his punishments with him. He has to take a chum bath, then a shower every hour. Now she’ll be stuck doing it with him. Brendon is doing it all shirtless, as he can’t get it on and off while handcuffed. The chum bath is outside where the hammock was before. Enzo think it smells like yeasty beer and looks like something out of Double Dare. ?Matt tries to fill up an empty water bottle with chum for a Chum Bomb, but Big Brother tells him to knock it off.

Ragan is despondent yet again. He tells Lane Matt could have gotten rid of someone that is a threat and beat him in the comps, but instead he did what was right. That is not why he got rid of Kathy. He got rid of her because she was not on his side and was the only person he knew for sure wasn’t on his side other than Brendon who was safe. And since the beginning of the game he was worried that she would slip through to final 2 and everyone would want to take her as they would know she couldn’t win. He doesn’t want to have to scheme with his friend who is the HoH. Lane explains to him that people think he could win, which Ragan doesn’t understand, but Lane assures him he has more votes in the jury than he realizes.

Britney takes the opportunity of being chained to Brendon to rant about the PoV competition. She’s mad people took prizes instead of really competing, but knows Brendon, Enzo, and herself were doing all they could. Someone ringing in for the Hawaiian vacation makes her want to punch them in the face. She’s glad they don’t think they have to worry about being nominated. She tells him he proved himself to her, but whether that means she wants him out or not still is unclear.

Lane and Matt talk out by the pool table as Matt worries that between him and Ragan, Britney would put him up. Lane tells him no, as Britney likes him. Matt admits it’s stressing him out, as he doesn’t want to do a third term as a replacement nominee. Lane tells Matt it has to be Ragan. Matt knows he needs to come back and win HoH next week.

Matt moves on to talking to Enzo, saying it sucks, as he doesn’t want either of them out of there. After Enzo talks about the paranoia of the house messing with his head, Matt messes with it more, saying PoV should have been Enzo’s and that it was a hardcore punishment to take all his clothes away. He continues, talking about all the houseguests who have been evicted in costumes, and challenges Enzo to break the curse.

Britney and Brendon discuss Matt and how cocky he is. Right after the PoV comp, before the results were even announced, he ran up to her to plead to not be put up on block. It’s like he was admitting to being guilty of not trying to win the PoV. She says this is the week to get him out, as he doesn’t have a power, doesn’t have the veto, and they have the votes to do it. He guarantees if she does it, she won’t go home next week. They feel bad for Ragan, as he seems to see Matt through rose-colored glasses.

It doesn’t seem like Matt did himself any favors in the PoV competition. Even though Britney had told him he was safe, if wanted Brendon on the block so badly, he should have won PoV to be sure the nominees didn’t change. His actions made Britney feel used, and all it does is give her less and less reasons to feel putting him up as a replacement nominee.

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