Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Spoiler – Who Wins the Power of Veto for Final Five

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Lane played a somewhat surprising move Friday night on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Spoilers, by putting Enzo on the block with Ragan. Everyone expected Ragan, but to put up another member of the Brigade? It seems like he’s protecting his other alliance with Britney. Ragan knows the heat is on and that he has to win, and as Enzo and Lane discussed, Enzo only seems to try hard when he’s on the block. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any fallout.

Ragan obviously knows his butt is on the line as he studies hard for the competition, studying the memory wall, knowing full well the PoV competition is most likely the morphing competition, telling the Live Feeds audience that this is what he has to do to stay in the house, then telling Enzo he doesn’t think the morphed faces challenge is going to be the next one.

Hayden asks Lane what he should do if he wins PoV, saying Enzo asked him to take him off the block if he wins, but he’s figuring Lane wants him to just keep the nominations the same, and he’s right. Meanwhile, Enzo doesn’t pay any attention to what Ragan told him and starts studying the memory wall, then goes outside to chat with Hayden. They don’t know who Lane would put up if Enzo comes off the block, and wonder whether Lane would betray one of them for Britney.

After a power outage in the early morning, then eating their breakfast without drinking cups and eating utensils because of the first penalty from Lane opening Pandora’s Box, Ragan goes back to studying the memory wall, and the others take naps, obviously not as worried about winning.

All of Ragan’s studying doesn’t do much good, as Enzo wins the PoV, with it not being a morphing challenge. The big news isn’t that he won, but that he “finally” won. Ragan’s not happy, though, with Enzo’s play. There were a bunch of CDs in the game, and once they were given the clue, they had to go get the right one. Enzo knew it right away, but Ragan was closer to it, so he dove for it. Later he tells Britney he’s okay with it, but just needed some time to pout initially.

Lane and Hayden conspire about the next HoH. Lane wants it to be Hayden instead of Enzo. He thinks both he and Hayden could beat Britney in final two, but Hayden disagrees because of the number of comps she’s won. They eventually decide to get Britney out next week, after Ragan this week, then take Enzo to final three.

Lane follows this asking Britney if she has her speech ready, and she wonders if that’s him nicely telling her she’s going up. She tells him she will say no if he tries to put her up, as if she has a choice with this. He tells her he just wants to hear her speech and wants to know if she’s going to say hi to Nick.

The houseguests get what could be their next punishment, sock puppets. All of their puppets look like mini versions of themselves, with Enzo’s wearing a hat, and Hayden’s having long hair. Enzo tells Britney hers is a “Sock Tease.” Once they take off their puppets, they can’t talk. This is an odd punishment. With Matt gone, Ragan cracks that he and his sock puppet are like Tom Hanks and Wilson on Castaway.

Ragan talks to the Live Feeders and confronts the reality of his situation, figuring at least he gets to meet Julie Chen and do The Early Show. He wonders if he’s let his family down. He’s read that he cries too much, and he remembers disliking Bunky in his season because he was the guy guy that cried too much, and now he’s that guy. If he had to do it over again, he wouldn’t cry so much, and would have stayed on the paint can until after the guys, as Brendon and Rachel weren’t even coming after him at that point. He would have kept his relationship with Matt a secret, and would have tried harder to keep Kristen in the house. He also talks about what he misses, such as his dog, his family, his friends, his office, his bed, his car, email, iPhone, iPad, and Facebook.

The Brigade start talking about the upcoming HoH, and Enzo wants to scare Britney right before the HoH comp to throw her off her game. He knows they also have to win the Veto that week, but he’s worried it will be tailored for a Britney win, but know it could be the morphing comp. Hayden mentions that Britney and Ragan keep talking about the long skill challenge yet to come.

Britney, Lane, and Hayden then discuss what they want to happen next week, and of course in this scenario they do it as if they all want Enzo out. Britney thinks it would be smarter to not put him on the block next week, because he couldn’t pull anyone off if he wins it. Hayden asks what will happen if she wins it, and she says then she’d have to put up Hayden and Lane. This leads into a discussion of who should replace Enzo this week, and Britney says she’d never vote for Hayden if he went up, and he knows Enzo would definitely vote for him over Ragan as well.

In this game, it’s hard to tell whose allegiances lie where and who’s lying to who. However, it would seem Lane was already starting to show his allegiance when he put buddy Enzo up on the block instead of Britney. That choice was already made. But what will happen now? Will he put Hayden up or will he put Britney up? If Hayden goes up, Ragan goes home. Period. But if Britney goes up, there’s a chance they’ll decide to get her out, as she’s a bigger threat overall in comps. If they do that, though, then next week they have to get Ragan out, as the first part of the three-part final HoH is always endurance.

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