‘Big Brother 13′ Episode 11 Recap: Nominations from July 31

This Big Brother 13 recap comes from episode 11 on July 31. The fourth nominations from Big Brother 13 helped lead this episode. It all began with the conclusion of the HOH competition from Thursday (July 28). Gather has a recap up about Thursday’s show, where the latest evicted houseguest was Dominic. It left Adam playing on his own, and Daniele pretty frustrated with how it all went down.

In the continuation of the HOH competition, which involved the nine participants perching on skis on an elevated wall, the results were finally revealed by CBS. CBS has the episode up if you want to watch how it all played out, but here is a quick breakdown: Adam fell first and then Lawon was off the wall in less than 20 minutes. This is why players like these two are often called “floaters” because they continuously fail to perform. For falling off, they got to choose snowballs, which could have netted them $10,000. In the snowball for Adam, he found out he will have to wear an elf costume for the week; Lawon ended up becoming a ‘have not’ in the house.

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Brendon was the next one to go down, and he too got a ‘have not’ snowball. Jeff then quit, hoping that he could win the $10,000 in his snowball. He did just that, but it put him at risk in the house going forward. That cash prize should be nice for a vacation or maybe a wedding for the duo of Jeff and Jordan. Jordan lasted almost an hour before she too went down; meaning, the only veteran left in the competition was Daniele. Jordan also drew a ‘have not’ snowball, meaning she is going to have a rough week in the house.

Porsche was the next to go, followed by Shelly not too long after that. It was down to Kalia and Daniele to win the next Head of Household (HOH), and it ended up being Daniele that held out the longest. She got the power for the upcoming week, meaning that all four HOH challenges have now been won by returning players. By winning the HOH power, she also got to determine who would be nominated for eviction in the house.

Daniele talked to Jordan right after the HOH competition, letting her know that she and Jeff would be safe, but with 30 minutes still to fill, CBS had to make it seem like her decision was going to be a tough one. When they finally got around to revealing whom she was nominating, it was revealed that Brendon and Rachel were up for eviction. The couple that has basically been running the house for the first three weeks is now in serious risk of getting split up before the next week is out.

What do you think about these nominations? Did Daniele make the right decision this time? If you want to read ahead, Gather has a Big Brother 13 spoilers article up about what took place in the Power of Veto competition already.

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