‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: A Coach Becomes Target of Week 4 Eviction?

Fresh Big Brother 14 spoilers reveal that one of the coaches is a Week 4 target for the upcoming eviction ceremony. As previously reported on Gather, Danielle ended up winning the endurance challenge to become the new HOH and followed that up by winning the Week 4 Veto competition. She held on to all the power in the house and could soon make a game-changing move that would shake up the house.

According to Big Brother Network, that move could become a huge backdoor move, with Janelle becoming the victim of quite a bit of maneuvering. As Danielle has the ability to change one of her nominations now (they are Frank and Wil), she could target Janelle by saving one of the nominees and placing her on the block instead. A newly formed alliance could then simply vote Janelle out of the house, completely changing the outlook for the game.

This new alliance would consist of Mike (Boogie), Dan, Britney, Danielle, Shane and Frank. That would three coaches and their favorite player from the original teams, making it a pretty good combination of three partners. With 12 people left in the house, this would be a formidable alliance, capable of winning both puzzle and endurance challenges as the weeks go by. Whether the six people stick to this alliance is another question, but it could become a turning point for the Big Brother 2012 season.

Danielle definitely has some thinking to do about what is in her best interest, but if she can trust everyone in this alliance, this could be a huge move for her. It will certainly play well on television as well, giving CBS a lot to use in their upcoming episodes of the show.

What do you think about these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Could this become the biggest move of the Big Brother 2012 season?

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