‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Best Player in History of Show Emerges?

The latest Big Brother 14 spoilers showcase how one houseguest isn’t fighting to stay and how two houseguests have emerged as the best the show has ever seen. According to Big Brother Network, Britney has pulled in the sails and is ready to leave the house this week. As one of the two nominees for eviction (the other is Danielle), she has lost hope at staying in the game.

In a week where it looked like Dan Gheesling had no chance at remaining on the show, he pulled off what could have been the biggest move the show has seen in years. After the Week 7 Veto competition, which Dan was unable to win, it seemed impossible for him to get off the block and stay in the house.

That Dan was able to convince the Head of Household, who had turned into a mortal enemy as well as Jenn, someone he rarely even talked to in the house, to flip and join an alliance with him is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to the game. Then there is Frank, who wins a competition every week and has quickly become one of the most successful players a single season has had.

Dan and Frank have both survived into Week 8, setting up a scenario where one of them could end up winning the show. It’s hard to argue that whoever wins between them is one of the best players that Big Brother has ever had. For fans that have just been watching on CBS, Wednesday night (August 29) is sure going to be exciting.

What do you think about these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Do you think that Dan or Frank ranks as the best player the show has seen? Is the Big Brother 2012 season all you hoped it would be?

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