‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Did Frank Cheat During Veto Drawing?

The Big Brother 14 spoilers coming out of the house don’t exactly shed a positive light on what might have taken place. Message boards have been blowing up about the possibility that Frank cheated during the drawing for Veto players this week, causing many fans to doubt the authenticity of the show once again.

As previously reported on Gather, the Week 6 Veto competition already took place on Saturday (August 18). Frank ended up winning another Veto, but it was the drawing itself that has raised some questions. Big Brother Network reported that there had been discussion of Frank drawing a “houseguest’s choice” token during the player draw and that when asked to draw again he palmed the token.

Now this drawing could have simply been the production team trying to get a second shot of Frank drawing the same token, but the conspiracy theories of the show being rigged exploded. On Sunday (August 19), Joe claimed that Frank and Mike (Boogie) had cheated, but every time someone in the house started to talk about what had happened, the live feeds got taken down.

Later on Sunday, Frank confronted Joe about the cheating accusations, but again the live feeds got taken down by producers. When Joe was talking to Britney later in the night, he says that the Diary Room agreed with his cheating accusations. The summation of everything seems to indicate that Frank and/or Mike may have cheated, not just during the drawing of names, but that production hasn’t punished anyone if it did happen. It will be interesting to see if CBS shows any of what took place during the upcoming Wednesday (August 22) episode.

What do you think of these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Do you think CBS needs to come clean about possible cheating taking place in the Big Brother 2012 house?

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