‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Eviction Vote Takes Shape in House

Fresh Big Brother 14 spoilers now include how the houseguests may vote at the Week 4 eviction ceremony. As previously reported on Gather, the vote is between Janelle and Frank to decide the next houseguest heading out the door. These surprising revelations will certainly catch some viewers off-guard when CBS airs the next episode Wednesday night (August 8).

According to Big Brother Network though, the houseguests have already nearly decided who they are voting to evict on Thursday night (August 9). Britney, Dan, Mike (Boogie), and Shane are part of the new “Silent Six” alliance that plans to target Janelle. They are already voting her out and it looks like several of them have convinced Ian to do the same.

Regarding the rest of the house, it also looks like Jenn, Wil and Ashley plan on cutting ties with Janelle and voting her out as well. It seems that the only alliance that Janelle has been able to hold on to is the one with Joe, who could still vote to evict Frank. Joe is a wild card though, simply because most of the people in the house have stopped talking about what might take place during the Week 4 eviction.

If things stand the same in the house, Janelle is about to get voted out of the Big Brother house by a vote of 8-1. Talk about a huge blindside and game-changing move by Danielle.

What do you think about these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Are the “Silent Six” making the right move by targeting Janelle as the next to leave Big Brother 2012? Is this a mistake by the coaches?

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