‘Big Brother’ 14 Spoilers: First 2012 HOH Nominations Revealed

New Big Brother 14 spoilers are already coming out of the house on the same night as the season premiere. Though the first episode of 2012 just ended, along with the revelation that Willie would be the first Head of Household (HOH), now the Week 1 nominations have also been revealed. As already reported on Gather, it was Britney’s team that won the first HOH competition, allowing her to select Willie as the first HOH.

According to Big Brother Network, the two nominees for eviction this week are Frank and Kara. Willie is a member of Britney’s team, Kara is a member of Dan’s team and Frank is a member of Mike’s team. It’s interesting that the first HOH has nominated players from two different teams, but maybe that is all part of his strategy.

With the nominations in tow, it is now up to the first Veto competition to decide how the nomination block will look next week. Shane, Willie, Wil, Frank and Kara have already been announced as competitors in the contest, with the sixth players still unrevealed to the audience watching live feeds. JoJo is hosting the Veto competition though, so it clearly won’t be her getting nominated.

Do these first nominations surprise you as a viewer of Big Brother 14? Which houseguest would you like to become the second one to get sent out the door?

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