‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Frank Reveals His Week 5 Nominations

New Big Brother 14 spoilers are in as Frank has revealed his two nominations for eviction. As previously reported on Gather, during the last episode of Big Brother, Janelle was evicted right before Frank became the new Head of Household (HOH). It was quite the turnaround for Frank, who really relished having the power swing in his favor.

According to Big Brother Network, Frank revealed his Week 5 nominations in the house on Friday evening (August 10). Despite a lot of debate that took place in the house, especially that involving Mike and Dan not wanting the “Silent Six” alliance to become known to anyone else, Frank nominated Joe and Wil for eviction.

The days that Joe has left in the house have been numbered for a while and it became very obvious he would become a target when nobody told him that the house was voting out Janelle. He was even more in the dark when the eviction vote took place, but he really should have seen this coming from a mile away.

Now both Joe and Wil will have the chance to win the Veto competition and take themselves off the block, but neither has had a good history of doing well in any of the competitions. It seems more likely that somebody else is going to win it, thus bringing up another opportunity to backdoor an unsuspecting houseguest. Could this be the week that Britney never sees it coming?

How do you feel about these latest Big Brother 14 spoilers? Are you disappointed with the way that the Big Brother 2012 season is going?

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