‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Season Premiere Twist Revealed by CBS

Season premiere Big Brother 14 spoilers include a revelation by CBS about a big twist to this year. It’s an interesting way for the producers to bring back former houseguests, but then have them compete in a separate set of challenges.

As was previously reported on Gather, joining 12 new houseguests are former players Britney Haynes (BB12), Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner), Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7), and Mike Boogie (BB2 & BB7 winner). Now the revelation has been made that the returners are there in a mentor role.

According to Big Brother Network, the four “legendary” houseguests will play a side game for their own prize. It wasn’t revealed what the prize for the veterans is going to be, but that is likely to get announced by host Julie Chen during the Big Brother season premiere July 11.

It looks like each veteran will serve as the mentor for three of the new houseguests, and when all three of their players have been eliminated, they will also get shown the door. It is an intriguing way to create even more drama in the house, especially between veterans trying to keep their “teammates” in the house for an extended period of time.

This interesting wrinkle may frustrate some fans of the show, especially if the veterans aren’t even allowed to participate in the Head of Household challenges. One question that viewers might have is whether the veterans can get nominated for eviction, but everyone will have to watch on Thursday, July 11, to find out that answer.

What do you think of these new Big Brother 14 spoilers and twists that got revealed by CBS? Will this make the season more or less interesting to you as a viewer?

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