‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Shocking Nominations from New HOH

Huge Big Brother 14 spoilers have come out of the house today (August 17) which involves the Week 6 nominations. For those who didn’t get to see the end of the Week 6 HOH competition, there is a new person in charge of the house. As previously reported on Gather, the winner of that HOH endurance challenge was Shane.

Britney won protection for the week during that challenge, but Shane wasn’t very likely to nominate her anyways. After Wil got sent home at the last eviction ceremony, it also seemed like it would just be Joe that became the next target. According to Big Brother Network, the Week 6 nominees are going to shock the world.

So who are the two houseguests on the block this week? Shane nominated Mike (Boogie) and Frank, meaning that powerful alliance could get broken up very soon. It also means that both guys will play in the next Veto competition, though, so things could shift again. So much for the “Silent Six” alliance, but this could be that bold move that everyone has wanted to see for a while.

This could become the opportunity to backdoor someone or to ensure that Frank or Boogie votes in favor of what Shane wants to have happen. Either way, Frank or Boogie will get left on the block for the next eviction ceremony, so one of them could potentially go home no matter what happens in the Veto.

What are your thoughts on the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers? Is the Big Brother 2012 season as interesting as you had hoped?

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