‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Showmance Surfaces Between New Couple?

New Big Brother 14 spoilers include a shocking showmance that might be developing in the Big Brother house. As previously reported on Gather, Head of Household Frank has already won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it. That means that one of his original nominees for eviction (Joe and Wil) is heading out the door at the Week 5 eviction ceremony.

Having the HOH room to himself has afforded Frank the opportunity to canoodle a bit, as evidenced by a photo that Big Brother Network has just posted. Their brief report on the incident in question had Frank and Ashley concluding a short date with some kissing on the couch in the HOH room. This just took place on Wednesday morning (August 15).

If this new romance between Frank and Ashley actually has legs, it could totally shift the way things go in the house. Provided either Joe or Wil gets evicted on Thursday night (August 16) that would leave only four people outside of the “Silent Six” alliance left (Jenn, Ian and Ashley are the other three).

Ian already has a crush on Ashley, so if he figures out what is going on, it could cause drama between Ian and Frank. If the relationship develops, it may also cause Frank to doubt his alliance when they inevitably target Ashley for eviction. Maybe this is exactly what the house needs at this point though, otherwise the next few weeks could turn out to be very predictable to viewers.

What do you think about these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Do you think that a showmance between Ashley and Frank could really take place in the house? Would this be more interesting than any of the other relationships in the Big Brother 2012 season?

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