‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results Revealed

New Big Brother 14 spoilers include the results of the Week 2 Veto ceremony. As the new Head of Household, Frank chose to nominate JoJo and Shane, who are both teammates under Britney. As reported on Gather previously, their third teammate (Willie) got ejected from the house for some pretty negative behavior.

Frank (HOH), JoJo and Shane (the nominees) as well as Wil, Ashley and Ian (additional players) were the six participants in the Veto competition. The winner of the Week 2 Veto was Shane, making it his second win already in Big Brother 2012. That led up to the second Veto ceremony this season, where Shane would likely take himself off the block.

According to Big Brother Network, Shane did choose the obvious path of saving himself at the Week 2 Power of Veto ceremony. After taking himself off the block, Frank then nominated Danielle to take that second seat next to JoJo. Danielle is the last player on Team Dan, meaning he could become the first coach to leave the house if it turns out that Danielle is the next to get voted out.

The remaining houseguests will now vote on Thursday night (July 26) to decide the next person to leave the 2012 Big Brother house. Going forward, it looks like the teams coached by Mike and Janelle are about to have a huge advantage in the house no matter how this vote ends up going.

What do you think about the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers? Has the Big Brother 2012 season been exciting for you thus far?

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