‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Endurance Challenge Results Revealed

The new Big Brother 14 spoilers will come out shortly after the Thursday episode (August 2) has come to an end. There is an expected HOH endurance challenge coming to close out the episode, which is very unlikely to be completed before the show episode ends. It means that the fans with live feeds will get to find out the results and that many viewers will have to wait until the Sunday episode (August 5) to find out who the new Head of Household is in the Big Brother house.

This article will serve as a resource, as updates will get provided as the endurance competition plays out. It could last well into the night, providing a lot of excitement for those watching it live, but a delayed result for everyone without live feeds. Well have no fear, because as each houseguest is eliminated from the challenge, it will get reported here in the comments section.

Episode 10 on Thursday night (August 2) is bound to be full of surprises, ranging from the revelation of the latest houseguest evicted (either Frank or Joe), the announcement of America’s Vote (whether the coaches can enter the game or not) and of course the beginning of the latest HOH competition. It could get very interesting if Britney, Dan, Mike and Janelle are able to play in it, because they are some of the most successful contestants when it comes to challenges like this one.

If you need to catch up on what took place during Episode 9 on Wednesday night (August 1), Gather has an article up about what happened at the Week 3 Veto ceremony.

Are you looking forward to the house finally having its first endurance challenge? Any predictions on how these latest Big Brother 14 spoilers will turn out? Which houseguest do you now think has the edge to win the Big Brother 2012 season?

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