‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Week 5 Eviction Vote Predicted

New Big Brother 14 spoilers from inside the house might not be that surprising to anyone who has been paying attention to the live feeds this week. Big Brother Network has compiled a prediction list of the Week 5 eviction target and it is pretty much unanimous.

The Week 5 eviction vote is predicted to target Wil, who will become the latest person to leave the house. Prior to this week, Head of Household Frank had actually wanted to evict Joe, but conversations with Wil as well as his behavior in the house have caused a shift. It seems that if Wil had just been more reserved, he could have bought more time in the house.

The Big Brother 2012 season has not yet reached the point where houseguests get sent to the jury house, so Wil is likely heading home unless there is another twist coming from Julie Chen and CBS. It also means that the “Silent Six” has succeeded for the second consecutive week in getting the person of their choice out of the game.

In the next Head of Household competition, only Ian, Ashley, Jenn and Joe will have a shot at taking the power away from the “Silent Six” before it’s really too late.

Are you surprised at all by these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Is the Big Brother 2012 season as good as you had hoped? Additionally, there is a showmance going on inside the house, as previously reported on Gather.

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