‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Shocker Coming?

New Big Brother 14 spoilers might just include another Veto ceremony shocker. The Week 5 Veto ceremony takes place later on Monday (August 13), where there could be another backdoor move. As previously reported on Gather, the Week 5 Veto competition already took place. For those fans of the show that haven’t read about it yet, Frank emerged as the winner of the Veto.

On the CBS live feeds right now (Monday morning), Frank is discussing with Mike (Boogie) the possibility of using the Veto to save either Joe or Wil. He still has the idea of trying to get Dan out of the house at the front of his mind. It’s a bold move, but it comes with a lot of risk and as Mike keeps pointing out, it is probably way too early to target a player like Dan.

It would certainly shock the whole house if Frank decided to use the Veto, but it really seems like the power is getting to him. Maybe he is just too excited about winning the Head of Household and Power of Veto in the same week, because abandoning the “Silent Six” alliance this early could end up being his downfall in the game. If he chooses to save Wil and nominate Dan, he had better make sure that he has the votes to get Dan out of the house.

Do you think that Frank would really use the Veto to backdoor Dan? Dan has already talked about not liking the option of becoming a pawn, but it would certainly it be interesting to see how he would react to getting nominated. It would also be very interesting to see if players like Danielle and Shane shifted to support him and re-target Mike and Frank.

Now the biggest question is whether Mike can talk Frank out of using that Veto or if there is about to be another huge shocker in the house.

What are your reactions to these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Has the Big Brother 2012 season lived up to your expectations so far?

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