‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations Get Revealed

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More Big Brother 14 spoilers have come out from Friday evening (September 7), including the revelation of the Week 9 nominations for eviction. It was an interesting set of choices for the new Head of Household, especially with just five people remaining in the house. It means decisions are going to get even tougher moving forward.

As previously reported on Gather, the new HOH in the house is Ian, who gained the power just hours after being nominated by Dan. After saving himself in the Veto competition, he came back to win the HOH competition which took place after the episode had concluded. Ian then had to make his nominations for eviction on Friday.

According to Big Brother Network, Ian nominated Shane and Jenn for eviction. It was odd that Ian got convinced by Dan not to nominate him, but this is a really tricky point in the game. It might have been a mistake for Ian not to target Dan this week, but he simply doesn’t have the votes to make a move like that. It looks like the block of Dan, Danielle and Shane could be pretty strong next week though.

The Veto competition will play out at some point on Saturday (September 8), giving Jenn and Shane a chance to save themselves. The best case scenario for Ian, though, would be for Jenn to win the Veto and take herself down. He could possibly figure out an alliance there that might work for him.

For those fans who missed it, Pandora’s Box has also returned and Gather has an article up about that as well.

What do you think about these Big Brother 14 spoilers? Is the finish to the Big Brother 2012 going to be an exciting one?

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