‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Who Is Week 5 Target for Eviction?

Interesting Big Brother 14 spoilers have come out this weekend in the house. Among them is who the core group of people may target at the Week 5 eviction ceremony. As previously reported on Gather, the Week 5 nominations and Veto competition have already taken place in the house. It revealed some interesting news about what’s going on.

With Joe and Wil on the block after getting nominated by Head of Household Frank, the houseguests have begun to debate which one is going to get voted out. According to Big Brother Network, Mike (Boogie), Frank and Ian were talking about that very decision on Saturday (August 11). Their discussion revolved around keeping Joe and sending Wil out of the house.

The Big Brother 2012 season has already been packed with surprises, so it shouldn’t come as a shock if there is a last second development where some part of the “Silent Six” decides to backdoor another houseguest. That is what happened to Janelle last week and after Frank won the veto competition this week; he now holds the power to pull a very similar move.

One more development took place early Sunday morning (August 12) in the house and it involved Frank and Mike discussing how they could keep Wil to use him to attack the rest of the “Silent Six” later on. It’s a risky move, especially because Wil could turn on them just as easily. Wil is indeed worried that he is the next one walking out the door, which has led to some strategy talk with Jenn. Jenn wants the girls to form their own alliance to vote out the guys, but it may be too late to try that idea.

What do you think about these latest Big Brother 14 spoilers? Would you rather see Joe or Wil evicted from the house next?

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