‘Big Brother 14′ Spoilers: Winner of Final HOH Part 1 Revealed

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More Big Brother 14 spoilers came out Thursday night (September 13), including which houseguest won Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. As previously reported on Gather, Shane got sent home during Episode 28, as somehow Dan pulled off another shocking twist in the game.

The beginning of the final HOH competition took place on the live feeds when there wasn’t enough time left during the episode. The final three (Dan, Danielle, and Ian) participated in an endurance challenge that required them to hang on a hook while they were dipped in water and then slammed against a wall.

At one point during the endurance challenge, it seemed like Ian was drowning after he was dunked in the water over his head. He lasted a long time, but ended up being the first one to bow out of the competition. It left Dan and Danielle battling it out, with Dan eventually trying to coax Danielle into a deal. Somehow he succeeded, basically getting her to drop with the promise that she would be his choice for final two.

It’s pretty interesting that Dan has survived so long this season, but he has definitely upset a lot of the people who will end up as voting members of the jury. Will those people he got out of the game be able to see it was just a game, or will they take it personally? Regardless of that, Danielle and Ian will now face off in Part 2 of the HOH competition to see who goes up against Dan in Part 3.

Do you think these Big Brother 14 spoilers indicate that Dan will end up winning? Has the Big Brother 2012 season lived up to your expectations?

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