‘Big Brother 15′ Star Aaryn Gries: Counting Down to Her Marine’s Return

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Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 15 may have connected with a couple of guys in the house over the summer, but now she seems to have her focus on someone else. She’s counting down the days until a special Marine returns, but is this about romance? Her followers definitely are feeling a bit confused. 

Gries shared a photo of fireworks on her Instagram page and it shows that she’s counting down another two weeks and three days “until I see my #marine.” Her followers were definitely a bit thrown by this one. Is she referring to a new beau?

Some have been thinking and hoping that Aaryn and fellow Big Brother 15 castmate Judd Daugherty would continue their showmance, while others think she might be referring to her brother who some think is a Marine.

Still others know she did a charity event with Survivor star Russell Hantz recently, and thought perhaps there was more to that than friendship. Of course it’s known that her showmance with BB15 houseguest David Girton is long over.

In response to questions from followers, Aaryn did post that she’s referring to someone she met after Big Brother 15. When someone else insinuated that Gries had slept with both Judd and David, she said, “LOL I never had sex in the house. #cutelie.”

Fans of Aaryn Gries’ will be curious to see just who this guy is that she is so anxious to see come home. Not very long ago she still had fans thinking there might be potential for her romance with Judd to continue, and this is the first that many have seen where it seems not to be a possibility. Has Aaryn found love? It seems too soon to tell, but her fans are rooting for her. 

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