‘Big Brother 15′ Week 5 Eviction: Show Alums Sound Off On Who Should Go

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Entering the August 1 live eviction on Big Brother 15, the house guests seemed prime to send nominee Howard Overby packing, according to happenings on the show’s live feed. But not everyone thinks Howard should be the one to get the boot, as a handful of BB alums proved via Twitter in the hours leading up to the broadcast on CBS.

BB15’s Kaitlin Barnaby, who was unanimously evicted from the house on July 25, opined that the players should focus their attention on power player Amanda Zuckerman rather than Overby, tweeting “I would hope the house would take this opportunity to get Amanda out. She’s the bigger threat. #mastermind #BB15 #CBSBigBrother.”

Braden Bacha, who appeared during season 11, agreed that Amanda should be the house target, writing “Why did Amanda seem so shocked she was nommed?! How dare anymore put me up… I hope she gets voted out, to see the look on her face. #BB15.”

Even Dan Gheesling, who won BB10 and is arguably one of the greatest players in the hit reality show’s history, sounded off in favor of booting Amanda when on July 31, he wrote “Amanda & Helen both need to get evicted immediately. Why? One reason: both are WAY too cocky without backing it up. #BB15.”

But will the house guests get rid of Amanda, or is Howard still the target? Amanda has certainly done more than her share of manipulation during her tenure on the show as half of the McCranda power couple with McCrae Olson. If she sticks around, she’ll likely continue to gain power over the others, using a mix of directness and intimidation to bully them into enacting her will. Howard, whose closest ally is probably Candice Stewart, hasn’t done much to justify evicting him; he hasn’t won competitions, and doesn’t bully or intimidate other players. His one fault–and the reason Amanda likely wants him gone–is his resistance to manipulation by others. He thinks for himself, and to anyone gunning to win by any means possible, that’s a scary concept.

Watch the live elimination when Big Brother 15 airs August 1 on CBS.

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