‘Big Brother’ 2012 Episode 1 Recap: Houseguests Enter, One Goes Home

Big Brother 2012 episode 1 aired on Thursday, July 12. It was the first episode of Big Brother 14, revealing the 16 new houseguests that would be spending the summer on CBS. It was pretty obvious early on that twists would soon be coming though.

As with past seasons, the 12 newbies entered the house, clamoring to figure out which beds would be theirs. They wouldn’t be alone for very long though, as four veteran returners would be joining them a bit later. At this point, new contestants to the show pretty much have to expect that from the CBS producers.

There were some brief introductions given by the 12 new houseguests, including some footage about how they found out they would be entering the house. It seemed like a good mix of contestants this season, including Willie Hantz, a tanker man from Texas, who is also the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor.

The first Big Brother twist was host Julie Chen revealing that the four veterans were entering the house and would serve as coaches. Those four returning houseguests are Britney Haynes (BB12), Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner), Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7), and Mike Boogie (BB2 & BB7 winner). The new 12 people cheered pretty loudly when they heard the veterans were competing for their own prize.

The coaches are going to be in charge of three players and the ultimate winner of the show will also earn their coach a $100,000 prize. The other 12 are still competing for the $500,000 prize this season, but the coaches are going to bring a very intriguing twist to the game.

After all 16 people had hung out for a little while, Julie Chen announced that one of the new houseguests would be getting eliminated before the end of the night. Before a competition could take place though, the four coaches had to do a draft to decide which players would join them.

Britney chose first, taking Shane as her choice. Britney’s team ended up being Shane, Willie and JoJo. Mike went second, taking Frank as his first choice. Mike’s team is Frank, Ian and Jenn. Janelle chose third, taking Wil as her first choice. Janelle’s team is Wil, Ashley and Joe. Dan, the final coach to pick a player, went with Kara. Dan ended up with Kara, Danielle and Jodi.

After the teams were picked, the first Head of Household (HOH) competition was held between the 12 new houseguests. It was a competition that involved retrieving bears from one end of the backyard. Britney’s team ended up winning it, protecting her team from elimination and granting them the HOH. Janelle’s team finished second, Mike’s finished third and the last place team was Dan’s.

As the winning coach, Britney had to pick the HOH from her team and she chose Willie. As the coach of the last place team, Dan had to choose someone to send home. It was a tough decision, but Dan ended up sending Jodi home.

What did you think of episode 1 of Big Brother 2012? Do you think that this will be a really exciting season? The next episode is Sunday night (July 15) at 8 p.m.

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