‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 11 Recap: Week 4 HOH and Nominations Revealed

Big Brother 2012 episode 11 aired on Sunday, August 5. In the eleventh episode of Big Brother 14, the Week 4 HOH competition came to an end, the new HOH got revealed and then they announced their nominations for eviction. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 10, it turned out that the coaches would be entering the game and that the Week 3 eviction ceremony would get canceled as a result.

CBS didn’t finish coverage of that endurance challenge that began on Thursday (August 2) until Sunday (August 5), so viewers finally found out who has had the power in the house for the past few days. It was Danielle who had won the HOH, beating out everyone else in the endurance challenge to take over the power from Shane.

After the HOH competition played out on this episode, they drama started between the houseguests, especially with Frank and Mike trying to figure out which people were on their side in the house. Shane, Danielle, Dan, and Britney got together to talk about the biggest threats, coming to the conclusion that they were Frank, Wil, and Janelle. Dan didn’t want to nominate a coach, though, so he was pretty adamant about going after Frank at first.

In the end, Danielle ended up nominating Frank and Wil for eviction, breaking a deal she had made with Wil after stating he would be safe if he dropped out of the endurance challenge. Her target in the nominations was Frank, though, so she would immediately begin campaigning to get him out of the house.

How do you think that Big Brother 2012 has progressed? Which houseguest do you think has the best chance to win Big Brother 14 now?

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