‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 13 Recap: Week 5 HOH Revealed

Big Brother 2012 episode 13 aired on Thursday, August 9. In the thirteenth episode of Big Brother 14, the Week 5 Head of Household competition was held and fans learned the identity of the new HOH. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 12, HOH Danielle won the Power of Veto and ended up with complete control in her hands. Danielle used the Veto to save Wil and then nominated Janelle for eviction beside Frank on the block.

CBS has definitely presented an interesting Big Brother season, but nothing else tops the twist that Danielle pulled off by nominating Janelle. On Thursday night (August 9) it was going to come down to a vote between Janelle and Frank to decide which houseguest was walking out the door. By the end of the night, the house would also have a new person calling the HOH room their home.

After showing some of the drama that followed the Veto ceremony where Janelle was placed on the block, they finally got around to taking the vote of the house. Mike and Jenn voted for Janelle, followed by Joe, who voted to evict Frank. Wil, Ashley, Britney, Shane, Dan and Ian then followed that up by voting Janelle, sending her out of the game by a vote of 8-1. That is about as one-sided as it gets and it sent Janelle packing before the jury has even started forming.

The Week 5 HOH competition was called “Battle of the Bands” and involved contestants competing one-on-one in a house trivia contest until there was only one person left. Skip ahead to the next paragraph if you don’t want to read through the progression. In the first question Wil eliminated Jenn, followed by Mike eliminating Joe, Ashley eliminating Wil, Britney eliminating Shane and Ian eliminating Ashley. In the final rounds, Dan eliminated Britney, Frank eliminated Mike and Ian eliminated Britney.

During the ninth round of the Week 5 Head of Household competition, Frank eliminated Britney to become the new HOH. That’s quite a turn of fortunes in the house and it could potentially lead to the “Silent Six” really going far in the game if that alliance can just stay together.

How do you think that Big Brother 2012 has progressed? Which houseguest do you think has the best chance to win Big Brother 14 now?

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